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April 23, 2020 - 15:29

The Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Firenze has today launched a new section on its website, 'Con l'@rte - Una finestra sulla cultura': a library of online resources from the Fondazione's cultural beneficiaries.


It assembles online activities, classes, digitalized archives and museum tours, streamed performances, readings and more from the numerous organizations that enjoy the foundation's support. Around 100 associations are able to operate thanks to the 500,000 euro per annum invested by just one limb of the foundation.





'Con l'@rte' divides its contents by theme: for children, museums, performances, music and art. The children's section offers educational activities designed, among others, by the Innocenti Museum and the Cutting Tools Museum in Scarperia, which are supported by the Fondazione's Laboratori Culturali grants. It additionally offers theatre workshops for younger children.


The Laboratori Culturali fund also supports many of the associations which have contributed to the scheme's museums, art and history sections. Many of these associations are based in wider Tuscany, such as the Bandini Museum in Fiesole, which has produced a Bandini app for 'Con l'@rte', and the Maremma Natural History Museum.


"We have been struck by how ably so many cultural organizations have responded to the lockdown," said Gabriele Gori, director general of Fondazione CR Firenze. "They have willingly come up with original digital content for the project."

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